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Not gonna lie: I bought this because the box said it contained approximately 50 bags. We counted. There were 50. This was a waste of the word “approx,” really.

That being said, for like 2 quid it’s a decent standard tea. A bit malty and sweet, but a bit astringent for my taste, really. Mostly I bought it because I’m on holiday with Gentleman’s family (hence the lack of communications, what with there being NO SIGNAL IN CORNWALL) and I’m trying to ease them into knowing that I’m a little bit batshit when it comes to how seriously I take tea drinking. One person thought I was having a cup of seaweed. It was milk oolong. I can see this is going to be tough :(


I’m laughing out loud right now. I think we have all been there.


Lol, seaweed!

Cameron B.

I can totally see how someone who didn’t know better would compare oolong to seaweed… The leaves get so huge! :P

Sami Kelsh

I love how huge the leaves get! I’ve also slightly sort of been told by my boss to keep my giant bottle of tea out of public view on my desk at work. Probably because he thinks it looks like compost. Lots of people think it looks delicious! GRUMP

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