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This is really good for a bagged chamomile. I’ve found that bagged ones especially can be harsh, but this one is sweet and mellow. It tastes like it should but it’s not sharp at all. Again, I’m impressed with these bags! Much better than I expected.

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Well, I’m at the hotel! They had bags of this so I decided I might as well try it. The coffeemaker in the room isn’t what I’m used to so I can’t be sure about the temperature, but this isn’t too bad for a breakfast tea. There’s a strong honey flavor to it that I really like. There’s a little bit of bitterness but it’s not bad enough to stop me from finishing the cup. Not bad, hotel!


Yes! Hotel tea bags!

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I found this tea to be unexpectedly sweet, with flavors contrary to what you might normally have in a winter themed tea (e.g. no Chai). Personally, I didn’t find the spices overpowering. Each spice complimented the other well. If anything, the tea is a little too sweet. Reminds me of a potpourri.

I would not recommend adding milk product to this tea; The spice blend is enough by itself.

3 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

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Thai oolong tea, Chinese green tea, Ceylon black tea, lemon balm, diced blueberries,
freeze dried blueberries, natural and artificial flavorings

oolong + green + black ? too much.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 g 5 OZ / 147 ML

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This was nice and hearty for my breakfast tea while waiting for a flight last week. The bag was a pyramid sachet, which was part of why I thought it might have been originally Harney & Sons. That and they had an Anniversary Blend tea on the menu along with some other names that reminded me of H&S. But then again, there are only so many tea names out there, I suppose. :)

This tea was hearty, bold and tasty. Well worth it.

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I had this as my second cup while waiting for my flight home from Vegas last Tuesday. It reminded me quite a bit of the Harney Apricot black but not quite as good. Could always have to do with steeping parameters, etc. since I wasn’t making this. :)

It was good. And it was in a sachet rather than a standard bag which was a nice surprise. It was worth the price I paid for it. Not really bitter but not amazingly smooth either. Good flavor.

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This tea is just amazing! I ordered it online and I’m glad that I did. It is a strong blend so I find that it’s delicious with the little bit of sugar and cream.

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At my Aunt’s place and SHE EXPANDED HER TEA COLLECTION. Now she actually has tea sachets. Aww I’m proud :‘)
Went for this tea because I wanted Genmaicha right now. I’ve had Genmaicha before, and I love it so much! This just tastes.. okay compared to the one that I have back home. Dude. The one I have back home I bought in Japan in Epcot so it’s legit and nothing can compare.
This is pretty good though so yes yes I like :)

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I’m absolutely in LOVE with this tea. I purchased a tin online and I can’t get over how fabulous it is!! I love the bite of spice and aroma is Heavenly. I add sugar and a bit of cream to cut down the sometimes bitterness. I wouldn’t want to steep for too long as it tends to be a bit bitter if you do. I’m almost done with one tin and I purchased a second tin!! Yum!!

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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This is my favorite tea in the world. Keeps me going and helps with hunger

180 °F / 82 °C

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Another sachet pilfered from the hotel room by the other half for me.

This tea is unexpectedly sweet! It tastes very fresh, even though it’s only a teabag. Very full-bodied and packed with flavor. It brews a nice rich brown color, and its mouthfeel is surprisingly thick and savory.

I only wish I had more than two of these…

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This is a nice bagged chamomile. Sweet, smooth, fragrant. Everything you’d expect!

My other half brought a few of these bags back from a hotel room for me. Isn’t that sweet? :)

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Just had a cup of this while powering through my paper corrections. It’s just like Christmas in a cup! Hands-down the best mood enhancer -

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I got this iced at Coffee Bean. It was pretty good, but I did not see anything too special about it.


Yeah, for some reason this and the orange blossom oolongs aren’t as tasty iced. Perhaps the type of oolong they are using.

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Apricot Ceylon tea latte is my usual whenever I visit Coffee Bean. I’m considering buying the tea itself to enjoy at home whenever I want…

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Served: Iced
Amount: 1 sachet
Brewed In: 1.5 cups
Cup Size: 23oz tumbler full of ice
Sweetener: stevia in the raw
Temp: boiling
Steep Time: 4 min

So a bit of back-story on this tea…

It was December 2011 and my husband & I had just landed in Detroit for a layover on our 24+ hour flight from Incheon (South Korea) to DFW.

We were returning to the States for the first time after 3 years of life in Korea & with us was our 14 year-old cranky cat (the 140 lb. dog shipped ahead of us 2 weeks before) & my husband was beyond sick & constantly coughing. (He wound up being hospitalized with a rare strain of pneumonia a few days later.)

Everything we owned was in 4 suitcases, we had no home, no car (it was being shipped back by boat) & I was beyond exhausted trying to care for a sick husband, a stressed-out cat & traveling for hours.

Turned out there was a Coffee Bean & Tea Company in the airport & I bought us two tall, hot cups of Vanilla Ceylon.

I can perfectly remember how buttery-hot it was – almost to the point of carmelization & it was heaven. It was my one moment of tranquility in a chaotic month.

Once we got settled in our new home, I quickly ordered 3 tins of it. And even though it’s almost summer now, I’ve really been enjoying it iced.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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