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So, this is a drink from my college’s campus, the Freudian Sip. Whether there’s any actual tea in this stuff, I can’t tell ya for certain, but it tastes good and I always order it.
Very sweet and frothy. There are four cafes total on campus, but the one I go to seems to do it best. There’s not much to say about this one – a simple, extremely sweet pleasure, that makes you feel sick if you drink too much.
In any case, happy birthday to me! This latte is my birthday cake.
I get to go home today! For ten days! So excited.
My friend and i are planning on going out tonight, him with a video camera, and I’m going to ask random girls for sex. Let’s see how that adventure pans out!
In any case, it’s worth a CHAI. (Get it? Like “try”! It’s a pun. Because I’m drinking a chai latte.)


Hey, happy birthday. :)

(And I got it. :p )


Thank you.

I’m working on my puns before I go home. I have a reputation as a master punsmith back in SJ, so I need to be on my game when I see people.


Happy Birthday indeed! And you get a ZING for the pun.


Happy birthday! Your review is very punny. facepalm


Happy bday – enjoy your tea and video making!


Happy Birthday :) groans at the horrible pun


’ppreciate it guys. Or should I say… ladies ;)
While I wait for my friend to get here, I should make the offer (so I can get warmed up…):
Wanna sex it up?
There will be tea afterward! And before! …and during?

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