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Well, now I’m sad. Another one bites the dust. Apparently this company has gone out of business.

Years ago, someone sent me a gift from this company. It was a sampler of five of their teas with a cute little measuring spoon and some filter bags in a nice box with a heart showing through the cut out that says “You are loved!” It was so nicely done that I sent a few as gifts myself.

I put off drinking this tea because it is a rooibos base and I just don’t like rooibos. I decided it was time to be rid of it, steeped it and added sugar because you can drink almost anything as a sweet iced tea in summer, and resteeped to top off the pitcher.

There was a tiny bit of the resteep left that wouldn’t fit so I drank it. And it was DELICIOUS. It reminded me of my lemongrass tea that I make in summer from the lemongrass I grow in the harden, but heartier and more flavorful. It was so good that I was sad there had only been about five ounces, so I got the still hot sweet tea out of the fridge and poured myself another cup. Since the first steep is in there, it was actually not quite as good to me because I don’t drink my hot tea sweet, and the rooibos was a little stronger. But it was still good!

Now I know that I can really look forward to drinking this tomorrow when it is nice and cold instead of suffering through to not be wasteful. Also, I may add a little extra water (or maybe ice will dilute it enough) because thus tasted SUPER sweet and strong even though I added the usual amount of sugar I put in that carafe.

What a pleasant surprise!

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I saved a tiny pouch of this one from the tea box. I made it at work, and of course got distracted and left it in for a a few minutes too long. I won’t leave a rating since I didn’t get to try it under optimal conditions. I love strawberry teas, but unfortunately there was only the tiniest, almost invisible hint of strawberry. The main flavor I got was the green, which it’s hard to judge since it was overbrewed. It was a tiny cup, so I still drank it since it’s the only sample I had. I still think I got enough of a sense of it that I don’t think it’s worth trying again.

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Discovery tea box – Tea #1
Thanks so much everyone for starting the Discovery tea box and keeping it moving. These notes might not be fantastic, as I’ve been busy and catching up on teas from a couple days ago. This is the first up, mainly because it was in the tiniest pouch, that only holds a teaspoon. The flavor is okay, simply green tea with a generic fruit flavor. Nothing too strawberry about it.

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I was sent this tea from CuppaGeek for review on Sororitea Sisters but more than that, it came as part of the Tea It Forward program which donates $1 of each $5 box sold to the Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness, which is pretty awesome.

This is a Bai Mu Dan with peppermint and spearmint and while I enjoy a mint tea, Bai Mu Dan just isn’t my favorite. Nonetheless, this was a nice tea with the mint remaining smooth and the whole drink being very fresh and natural. It was a very clean tea and really quite relaxing while brewed hot. I also tried this iced but the base was too floral for my tastes.

Check out my full review here: (I know the site says CuppaGeek wrote this, but again, I swear it was me)

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drank Lemon Chiffon by The Love Tea Company
15049 tasting notes

disappointing. If i was going for a lemon tea, i’d pick the one from adagio. This is mostly rooibos. :(

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drank Strawberry Rush by The Love Tea Company
15049 tasting notes

This tea is sort of your average run of the mill strawberry green tea that just tastes vaguely fruity. In other words? Not what i signed up for and not living up to it’s name. it’s not a bad cup…but it’s boring and average.

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drank White Thunder by The Love Tea Company
15049 tasting notes

Another VariaTea sample. I don’t need a lot of mint teas in my life, but this one is pretty light and refreshing. I quite like the balance of the mint + the white tea. Not a need to hve for me but it was a nice refreshing cup.


Ah, you don’t see mint paired with white tea every day.

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Love Tea Company has an awesome campaign called Tea It Forward where they charge $5 for a package of three teas to be sent to a friend and $1 for every package sold is donated to The Flagg Foundation for Mental Wellness. One of the sisters decided to spread the love and surprise me with a package.

This particular tea was not the best. Generically fruity. Check out my full review here:

Evol Ving Ness

Too bad about the tea. Great concept.


This is such a nice idea. :)

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So the first time I made this, a friend came over and stole the mug. The second time I made this, I actually got to try it and though it was by no means bad, I found myself disappointed since it was not the Lemon Chiffon tea that I know and love. Check out my full review here:

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