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When I pulled this up to read the description, I saw Darjeeling in big letters and missed the white tea in little letters. So my first sips surprised me some…typical Darjeeling this isn’t.

Of course it isn’t, silly … it’s a white tea, and a fine one at that. Held up well to nearly-boiling water and a 3:30 steep time. Nice satiny feel on the tongue. Light on the flavor, but then again, I was light on the leaf, not realizing what variety I was making.

My thanks to Azzrian for the sample. Enough in the packet to add a little leaf and give this a more informed tasting.

(We’re 2 for 2 on Tea Smith varieties. Further investigation pending.)

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drank Blue Shadow by The Tea Smith
1983 tasting notes

This smells heavenly—like blueberry pastry or blueberries and marshmallow. Which may be a clever trick or a sign of my own olfactory incompetence. Not a blueberry in it. Strawberries and lulo. I wouldn’t know a lulo if I stomped on it :)

But at any rate, this is a wonderfully sweet tea—berries drizzled with powdered sugar glaze. Belongs to the Tower of London/Marco Polo family of fruity goodness. My thanks to Azzrian!


I had to look up lulo and I’m still not sure what it is. Looks like a cross between an orange and a tomato. The taste I saw described as rhubarb/lime. Your blueberry marshmallow sounds far more delicious.


Sounds delicious! And I have never even heard of lulo!


Not a bit of tartness in this. Pretty fair second steep, too.


Thanks for sharing the link. Now I’ll know what I’m stepping on :)

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Very good as a hot or iced. I perfer it as a Iced during the hot summer months.

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Appearance: dark brown-black, crinkled leaf
Aroma when Dry: slight fruity notes hints of creamy maltyness
After water is first poured: slightly fruity, musty
At end of steep: faint fruity, malty
Tea liquor:
At end of steep: light muddy brown
Staple? Unsure, first tasting
Time of day preferred: afternoon, evening
At first: balanced fruity maltyness
As it cools ? Gets slightly fruitier, tea deepens, notes layer
Additives used (milk, honey, sugar etc)? no
Lingers? Yes, with slight tang, fruity, faint metallic note

Second steep (8min)
Taste: notes flatten and weaken, tea smooths out a bit

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Ceylon Star by The Tea Smith
10 tasting notes

The chocolate in this tea tastes great! I expected the star anise to clash with the chocolate but it really doesn’t. The anise is very mild- don’t buy this tea if you’re looking for a spicy blend, but it makes a delicious choice for a unique chocolate tea.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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Dang this is GOOD! I mean REALLY good! I have never had a white darjeeling before but there are notes of grape, peach, honey, and a very flavorful white tea leaf here. I am HIGHLY impressed and thank goodness I got 2 ounces as I would totally be ordering more of this stuff right away!
Nice lingering after taste.
I am not a huge fan of white teas but this has won me over!


Never heard of white darjeeling. Interesting. What will they think of next?


White darjeeling ROCKS! I’ve only had a couple of them, but I’ve loved the ones that I’ve tried.

The Cup of Life - Lu Ann

I’ve never tried white darjeeling before either…now I have the urge to buy some because of the first sentence of your review ;)

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drank Blue Shadow by The Tea Smith
807 tasting notes

What an interesting cup!
Sweet but its like the lulo sort of cuts it giving it an almost savory twang.
I need to focus on this more and will probably do a longer review for SororiTea Sisters but right now I just want to immerse myself in the cup.
I just had a really creamy sweet strawberry tea before this tea, and I was almost expecting this would be really sweet too but its not – yet it is – but its not – what the? LOL


LOVE the name! :)


Me too! :)

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Had a bit more of this today thanks to Azzrian
See previous notes :)

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Special Thanks to LiberTEAs for this one!

This is a nice, sweet run-of-the-mill-type honeybush. There isn’t anything overly exciting about it but it’s not bad either.

The sweetness makes it, for me.


you can always add it to something :D

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drank Ginseng Oolong by The Tea Smith
1 tasting notes

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My first thought when I opened the bag was dried apples. Its that concentrated aroma that you smell on dehydrated apples. There is a bit of that apple flavor in a tea. It reminds me of a weak apple cider. It also has a natural sweetness to it which is nice. I like it and think next time I will add some cinnamon to keep the cider thing going.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Decided to start tasting my teas from my steepster select box, starting with this one (mostly because it’s 10:30 pm right now, and I think if I were to brew a cup of guayusa, I’d be up all night).

It’s tasty enough. But, it’s a plain, unflavored, rather boring honeybush. I’m glad it’s organic, as I find that organic tastes better than conventionally grown when it comes to rooibos and honeybush. And it’s … alright. But, I’d have been a much happier camper if it were a flavored honeybush. On it’s own, it’s got basically what I expect from honeybush. I light sweetness, nutty tones and woody notes. Tasty, but nothing all that exciting.


I can’t say I’ve ever tried straight rooibos or honeybush, but I just can’t imagine myself liking them the way I do straight greens/oolongs. I think it must be because I always attribute funky flavours in such blends to the base (which is perhaps unfair!)

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drank Organic Honey Bush by The Tea Smith
119 tasting notes


After finishing that last tea I thought, “What the heck! Let’s try another!” I’m saving the guayusa for tomorrow morning (getting up at 5:45 five times a week really kicks your butt) so I decided to make this.

I’m going to maybe be the first to actually come out and say it (or at least the first that I’ve met here on Steepster): I Like Honeybush A Lot
I don’t think it tastes like honey like you would think, but I actually really do like the taste.

This is no exception to that! It’s pretty much just a generic honeybush. There’s a nice…… “dampness?!?!?!” to it and it has a good woody flavor, with a nice and natural sweet flavor that remains in your mouth. This is very nice and a good late night tea!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Honey, you can like whatever you want! Give yourself permission! If you think that you have to be a tea snob…then stop drinking tea and start drinking red bull! I didn’t like wine snobs at the winery, and food snobs are boring, and tea snobs are boring. I used to get so irritated at people talking down to me about computers because I didn’t LOOK like an engineer!!! ERH! (till I fixed theirs…ha!)
Anyway! DRINK WHAT YOU LIKE…this is a quote from the winemaker at Mondavi who also drinks GALLO! Drink Honeybush! Drink Lipton! (love u Ian!)


I read it and have not tried it yet but I don’t think you divulged too much info so thats good :) I think a straight honeybush is a good thing since I have yet to try just plain ol honeybush and we all need to know the base of a tea right!? :)


@Bonnie: Thanks so much Bonnie! You’re very good at putting a smile on my face!

@Azzrian: I’m glad that there weren’t too many spoilers! I put the notice there just in case because I know first hand how exciting it is to try a new tea and I didn’t want anybody to lose that excitement! I do agree that trying the bases of flavored teas is really important! I happen to like honeybush plain and flavored though most people like it flavored.

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In short, this was disgusting. Mouth coating in a sickening, medicinal way. Sweet in an unpleasant, sickening way. Just, in general, sickening.

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