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I am reviewing a travel mug similar to this — it’s the Thermos Nissan 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Backpack Bottle: so close I hated to create another entry in the database.

It is AMAZING! I made tea for class tonight, and it was piping hot – I mean burn my lip hot! – even after a few hours and walking through the cold to the train. I actually had to leave the lid off so it could cool enough to drink.

I also love the stainless steel bottle – the tea tastes like tea and not plastic-y or thermos-y — you know what I mean :) It did not leak one bit despite getting bounced around in my tote bag on my walk.

My only regret is that I didn’t get one of these years ago. I’ve purchased quite a few travel mugs and disliked them all. Finally – I’m in love with one. Having a glorious 16 ounces (more like 14 — don’t fill it all of the way up — you won’t be able to close the lid properly) of hot Harney and Sons Vanilla Black tea to sip during a three hour class made me so happy!


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This is hands down the best thermos/travel mug EVER! I have three of them and have bought several others as gifts.

There’s also a model with a build-in tea infuser, but I prefer to brew my tea separately. It comes in plum, teal, and silver (the one with the tea infuser is only available in silver).

It truly lives up to its claim of keeping beverages hot for 12 hours. When I make my bedtime tea, I often brew a second mug for the next morning and its still scalding hot (the fuller the mug, the longer it keeps hot).

It’s pretty much spill-proof – as long as the lid is closed! But you can pop it open with one hand – just push the button. And closing it is pretty easy, too.

Finally, the “flow control” feature also works as advertised. I rarely get a faceful of scalding tea with this mug.

My only complaint is that the small “handle” or tab on the back (so you can clip it to a bag/backpack) breaks easily.

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