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reviewed Handmade Ceramic Teapot by Tivelasi Pottery
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Reviewed this yesterday on my blog. Thought I would show it off a little here as well. This is a 23 oz handcrafted stoneware teapot and 8.5 oz earthenware mugs. These come from Bulgaria. They are gorgeous. The size is perfect for me but larger sizes (up to 50 oz) are available. The teapot and mugs are fully glazed inside and out. The mugs are light in weight, comfortable to hold, and the lip is easy to sip from. The handle stays cool while drinking. The teapot feels heavy even when empty. Adding boiling water to it really heats up the outer surface of the pot, yet the handle stays nice and cool. The opening is small. It will require a flexible bottle brush to clean inside the pot. The spout pours easily and a little slow. I used a cloth drawstring bag to hold my loose leaf as I don’t have a brush and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to clean up if I turned the leaf loose and used a strainer. The handle over the top looks like it might interfere with adding water but I poured into the pot from my kettle without issue. Should be a beautiful treasure for years to come. http://tivelasipottery.com/


By the way, lead free and food safe glaze. Tivelasi says these are dishwasher and microwave safe but I will never ever find out.


neat! thanks for sharing!

White Antlers

What a work of art!




Wow! That page bowled me over. Which did you get? Those are gorgeous.


I looked at your blog and saw it. Stunning! You lucky duck!


Autumn collection. Almost got the Tulip. And yes, very lucky duck!


How gorgeous!!!


It’s so inexpensive for such beautiful teaware! A must have!


R.F. Hill, I did not realize what a bargain it really is until I started looking around today.


It’s a rare moment to find quality art for such a great price. Now I’m off to buy a nice teapot! :)

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