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drank Morning Pick-Me-Up by Tocha Tea
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drank Rose Garden Puerh by Tocha Tea
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I am drinking this one with youngest today and marveling at how my family has become hooked on puerh teas. I was afraid to try the stuff in the beginning! Now it is the tea most enjoyed by guests and especially by coffee lovers.

This one is very different from our usual. We stick to mostly unflavored, unadultered shu.

I used two sachets in a 17 ounce pot. I didn’t time it, just kept an eye on it to see when the color looked good. I expect it steeped for about a minute and a half to two minutes.

I taste very little puerh. I can’t say that it is heavily woodsy, mushroomy, or horsey. It is very very fragrant with spices rose, though. I like it as a rose tea more than as a puerh tea. I have had rose scented puerh that was so lightly rose scented as to merely have a whiff and a sweetness. This one is ROSE.

I made a second steep. Now I taste a bit of puerh and still have a really nice level of rose. Nice!


I knew you were a pu head all along……


mrmopar – LOL! Yes! And I have turned my kids and some of my friends into pu heads! When we have a family gathering, I literally have to get out the biggest teapots in the house and keep the kettle boiling! I wish I had even half the pu knowledge that you have!


I love it! I am drinking with my grandson now. He has been a good learner. I have no knowledge as I am still a student of the leaf.

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I kind of see this tea as a rough cowboy sort who likes his Parliaments and meat, but then comes home to his wife in the garden and sits with her while she’s working. He occasionally does the tough stuff with the edger and the trimmer. He prunes the trees, and she makes him a pie. His Harley is parked next to her Prius at the end of their gravel driveway in the country.

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Flavors: Flowers, Smoke

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