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drank Blueberry by Tonica Kombucha
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More booch.

I’m like 95% sure I’ve had another kombucha flavour from this brand before but I don’t really remember much about it at all. This one was really nice, though! I generally like blueberry things a lot and this one wasn’t an exception; very sweet and natural tasting! Reminded me of really, really ripe blueberries with just a bit of an apple-y undertone, and some of that vinegar-y quality that kombucha often has.

Simple, overall, but tasty! I’d drink it again, for sure.

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drank Peach by Tonica Kombucha
11804 tasting notes

Impulse purchase while I was out at the drugstore buying bleach and hair dye; I’m dying my very, very short (about one inch) hair pastel purple for the summer. I mean, it is the summer of pastels, after all! I saw this though while going through checkout and because I’d never heard of the brand before I was intrigued enough to pick up a bottle.

- Not as tangy/acidic as I’ve come to expect from kombucha
- Almost has this yeasty/bready kind of quality to it though!
- Combine that with the peach and you have… peach strudel?

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