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Sipdown (591)!

Finished this one off yesterday morning; matcha latte with a hearty squeeze of peppermint flavoured agave. So, basically I made myself a Candy Cane Matcha latte. It was really strong; there was probably more matcha in this sample packet than I actually needed for a matcha latte but I’m in hardcore sipdown mode right now so I just dumped the entire packet into my matcha bowl to whisk up and combine with my steamed milk and agave combination. Strong isn’t bad though; it gave me a real energy boost in the morning and it tasted really seasonally appropriate and rich. Creamy. Super creamy.

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Discovery Tea Box – Tea Eight

Nabbed this one because I wanted something that would be a bit of a mid afternoon “pick me up”, and matcha is pretty energizing. I had to take it up a notch though, so I made this as a matcha shot. A pretty potent matcha shot, because I’m dumb and I measured wrong. The matcha was already in the chawan though, and it was wet from recently being rinsed out – and I didn’t really want to commit to a full glass of matcha, so potent matcha shot it was…

It actually was REALLY good for being hella strong. The finish, after shooting it, was a touch bitter but not anywhere near as much as you’d except given the concentration. Yeah; it was just a largely creamy, grassy sort of flavour with a good built up of froth.

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