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Soothing, though.


My creative spelling would be a little different: L-icky-rice. Hope you are un-sniffled.


Took me a while to see through that one. I read it as ‘licky rice’ at first and couldn’t understand what you apparently liking rice a lot had to do with anything. :) I like licorice when it’s in the form of sweeties and when it is actually licorice. I had some supposedly licorice flavoured jelly beans once which had everything to do with anise and nothing at all to do with licorice. Lead me to the conclusions that the Jelly Bean manufacturers probably didn’t even know what licorce is, and that as a result a lot of ordinary American children probably don’t know either… Come to Scandinavia! Get proper licorice! :)


Astute observation: I think American kids don’t know what a lot of things taste like!


I hope that’s not a problem here, although… it probably is. Most Danish children probably don’t know what, say, ocra is, and have never seen a corndog except in films. It’s just different foods we’re unfamiliar with. Hey, I didn’t know what ocra was until a just a few years ago. :)

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