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Went after a career fair that ended up being a disaster (wasting 5 hrs of my time does not make me happy.) One of their nutritional boosters is matcha! Even if this is sweetened like Starbucks’ “matcha”, I’m fine w/ it- and I need matcha right now… so what to put it in? I was taking forever deciding (letting people go ahead of me of course) and the person at the counter asked, quite impatiently, if I was ready to order. I politely said I had it narrowed down between two and she asked which. I said I was debating between the chocolate chiller (chocolate and yogurt) w/ matcha or the strawberry beach (strawberry and yogurt) w/ matcha. She suddenly turned up her nose, made a face and said, “Well… um… matcha is green tea and it has a flavor, I don’t think it would be good with chocolate” Sigh… breathe… smile… I politely replied, “I’m well aware of what matcha is and drink it several times a day- and I love the combo of matcha and chocolate. Matcha hot chocolate is the best.” I decided to go w/ that since I don’t really like yogurt based fruit smoothies and was hoping the chocolate would cover the yogurt taste as I don’t like the yogurt/matcha combo either . (I think it would have been good though cuz it ended up tasting like frozen yogurt) and it was amazing! And chocolate in any from before 8am is absofreakinlutely amazing! =D After a few sips I thanked her again for the smoothie and told her it was very good. The shock on her face was almost as much as when I ordered it. Why must people not only insult your tastes but imply (or come right out and say) you don’t know what you’re talking about?

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I know what you mean and I am happy the matcha turned out well but sorry the career fair was a bust.

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