TSAI Greek Mountain Tea

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This was the worse of the two flavours, though it sounded really nice in concept. Like the other flavour I tried, it had that strong herbaceous/basil note (the Greek Mountain Tea) which is a little strange carbonated – but it also really had that bitter and drying earthy note that turmeric often can have. The peach/apricot was the best part – more of a sweet/juicy note, but not enough to make up for the rest.

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Had this ages ago now but I couldn’t remember the name of the company so I wasn’t able to find it/write about it – and then completely out of nowhere last night I remembered what it was!

This is a “Sparkling Tea” made with Greek Mountain Tea, and I liked the idea of it a lot but in terms of flavour I wasn’t really a fan. This was the better one of the two I tried, but it tasted very herb forward and almost smokey, with a citrus body note and lingering unpleasant ginseng sweet finish.

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