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#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #50 overall / Tea #17 for February

Saturday 2/13 still busy in life + always sipping on multiple teas but unfortunately need to keep working on sipdowns!! I am catching up today (2/16) on a few I made since last time I updated steepster..this is a tea I just added to the site. :)

So from mid 2010 to late 2015 (approx 5.5 years) I lived in NYC. I love NYC so much and I would try to visit at least 1x a year since I left… except for 2020 I’ve been able to do so (last visit was 2019). At the Union Square Greenmarket there was this Tweefontein Farms booth that was selling all kind of stuff but even herbal tisanes, they had giant orange sports Gatorade size containers (like they put water and such or dump over people’s heads in celebration for sports) where you could get a cup already made, or they had this glass jars like in the picture where you could purchase the loose leaf. This is one of two tisanes I’d always grab a jar or two of when I’d be back to visit NYC, but somehow they’ve collected and I need to sipdown. I’ve been cold brewing directly into cold water in a pitcher then using a filter to get the pieces out before drinking the tea.

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