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The lovely parents of my dear friend Sophia got me this for Christmas. “Primitive” made them instantly think of me since I was an Anthropology major, and the “U.Love.It” is a great reference to Invader Zim. I prefer teas plain, but I like the instant ones too, especially if they are from an Asian company (any others I’ve had suck). Oddly enough, the tea base has more of a Darjeeling or a Taiwan Assam taste to it. That taste could also be a result of the sweetened condensed milk thrown in there. Also: masala chai’s NEED sweetened condensed milk. The one I had from the mall nearby was amazing…

Anyway. I now have the perfect desert for the caff’s on campus. I like milk tea. I like milk tea. I love it. I cannot resist milk tea. To resist is hopeless. My life is meaningless without milk tea.

Flavors: Cocoa, Milk, Stonefruit, Sugar, Tea

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