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I’ve searched far and wide for a good tea travel thermos and this is the closest I’ve seen to perfect. First and foremost, the body is double walled glass while the filter and lids are stainless steel so no plastic or any other harmful substances ever contact your tea(there is some plastic in the construction of the lid but it never touches the water). The infuser/filter allows plenty of room for your leaves. Unlike other double-ended thermoses with the infuser at the bottom, the two lids are interchangeable, allowing for two brewing styles. With the infuser at the bottom, it is perfect for steeping “grandpa style” keeping the leaves in the water but out of your way while drinking. For a more controlled steep, simply swap the lids so that the filter is now at the top, so that when you are done steeping you can lift the infuser out and set it aside for later. The only con is that it does not maintain your water’s temperature as well a metal thermos would but that goes for all glass thermoses.

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