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drank Matcha by Uncle Tetsu
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Oh man was this ever tasty. I’ll be going back for another soon. I wonder if they sell the tea loose for brewing at home?
I wouldn’t say it was the best matcha ever, but well balanced and quite flavourful. The colour was rich and dark green. Very smooth. Almost velvety (it was a latte).

I am so tired. Two really great part time jobs fell in my lap and I’ve been scrambling to keep up with them. One of them is only for eight weeks and the other is somewhat random/oncall so it seems that some weeks I’ll be working fulltime hours and others halftime. I think it is just the training that has me down. Oh and the fact that Mums bday was last weekend. And then she retired from her job of 35 years yesterday. and we’re helping take care of our neighbours dog every other evening while they deal with a family situation.
So yeah. I’m tired. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, spending the day at my boyfriend’s place. I just hope we don’t nap it away!!

Autistic Goblin

That’s a lot to deal with!! Luckily I know you can manage.

Evol Ving Ness

Sounds like you could do with a nice long extended sleep. I hope that is in the cards for you sometime soon.


@Helena, thanks! I hope so! :)
@Evol, ha, yes I most certainly could. Had one last night, kindof. On my boyfriend’s couch lol

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