Unknown - Great Wall Buffet

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So yeah we went to a chinese buffet this evening, goodness I think its been over a year and I asked if they had oolong. The server said “Oolong? Uh hot tea?”, yes and I was brought out a cup and a metal pot. At first it was very non-descript, could have been a bland black tea. But then it got some personality, definitely oolong, a wuyi perhaps, it had some mineral notes. It grew assertive but never bitter, it got woody and then very aromatic with a nice honey sweetness and oh my goodness it was delicious. The pot never fully cooled, though I probably was drinking for an hour. I savored my last cup as the boys went up to pay. Sad that this chinese buffet tea had so much more character than any Teavana straight oolong. Unfortunately none of the servers seemed to speak English well and the anglo cashier girl probably wouldn’t have known. But it was nice to sit with a whole pot of tea.

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