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I dont know where I got this tea from. I cant seem to find any mention of this in an email receipt, and its in a plain black ziplock, so unfortunately I cant trace it. The grade was an FBOP which I am not used to as well.

Hints of honey, orange, citrus, rose, wood, nuts. But the predominant flavour is the sour astringent note that is present even when brewing at less than 75c. This leaves a drying in the mouth, which disappointed me a tad because I thought I had got my brewing of first flush Darjeeling down, but alas this tea didnt cut it.

I would like to find some good grade first flush this coming year, decent unbroken whole leaf to try as I do like good darjeeling. This wasnt quite it, and I have had some nice ones from Puttabong.

Flavors: Astringent, Honey, Nuts, Rose, Sour, Wood

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