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I’m honestly pretty tired of these upton samples.
This tastes like wet autumn leaves. Light barky kind of earth.
It reminds me of teavana’s Qilan Fired Oolong, which I got like 150g of because it was on sale I think they discontinued it way back when before I knew anything about tea. Anyways, the point is, I drank that one like twice and then gave the rest away because bleh.
Now, granted, this is a bit better, there’s some complexity, there’s a grassy sweetness and a bit of buttery burnt toast. Some minerals. There’s something about it that slightly repulses me on the sip, like a sort of dark acidity. It’s one of those teas that seems to be giving me a headache. It gets astringent in the middle..

You know what I’m gonna be honest, this session has, I’m sure, lots of longevity left, but I’m really not up for it.
I don’t like this.

I’m gonna drink some pu’erh. Pu’erh’s always nice to me.

Flavors: Autumn Leaf Pile, Earth, Grass, Roasted

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I kinda think by the end of all my Upton samples ill be responsible for creating just like half their database, but anyways its been a while since I had a Japanese green and I don’t think I’ve ever had one this good,

It’s very different from the Chinese teas I’ve grown accustomed to, more of the characteristic minerals I’ve heard much about, and vegetal but more importantly its very very sweet, and a little fruity, peach and orange

Theres a hint of metallics, and its quite roasty, but perhaps the best part is the mouthfeel: its thick and silky, with no astringency, its very comforting

The vegetal sweetness sort of fades around the fifth or sixth steep gongfu(90ml gaiwan) and unfortunately it gives way seemingly only to the metallic and mineral flavours, which is a bit uncomfortable but it isnt really bad, i still drank many steeps happily

Flavors: Fruity, Metallic, Mineral, Orange, Peach, Roasted, Sweet, Vegetal

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