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It’s not really a secret that I love me some white teas. I’m especially prone to fits of glee over unique white teas not from China. For the better part of the Summer and Fall, I was on the hunt for a Taiwanese white. I knew they existed, but I didn’t know how difficult they were to find. Well, I finally found one…sourced by a Russian Orthodox monastery near Seattle, WA.

I know, right?!

This was a light-roast white that required a gongfu prep over a Western-style steep. The results were magic, smoky grapes and roasted nuts. Combining feminine delicacy with masculine posturing. SO glad to finally have it in my collection.

To read my story o’ discovery, go HERE:

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Very cool!

Geoffrey Norman

It was. And worth the wait.


My husband got me monk fudge once—seems like they were located in the NW as well—and it was (sorry!) heavenly. If the monk tea is of equal quality, that explains everything.

Geoffrey Norman

Monk fudge?! SHOW ME!


Been a while, but I think this is it:

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