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From… a while ago!?

It’s interesting to me that this is branded as hibiscus and jasmine; I do get the hibiscus part with the general tartness comboed with the acidic vinegar taste but there’s actually more spice present in the flavour than jasmine, in my opinion. It’s like refreshingly tart hibby finished with a slight warming cinnamon/allspice.

Not my favourite because it’s just sort of weird conceptually and doesn’t land on a concrete flavour direction – but it’s not actually bad either. Probably will be forgettable overall…


It def sounds like a very weird combo.

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Another kombucha…

I feel like blueberry seems to be a really popular kombucha flavour here in Montreal? I’ve just seen it literally everywhere

I didn’t love this particular one; it seemed almost watery while, at the same time, having a very sharp quality to it. Like; you’d take a sip and get a very sharp and fleeting note of tart blueberry and the rest would just feel weak/flat. Very weird in terms of sensory experiences. I’ve definitely had better blueberry kombucha from some of the other kombucha companies I’ve seen locally.

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