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Another show stopper. For those who don’t like the full on pu-erh experience but would like to like pu-erh, I would recommend this one.
The nose is forrest floor, humic, sea shore, salty, mushrooms.
The palate is light, slight honey, seashore, savory and very lightly salty, umami, little bit cinnamon, and raisins, with a lingering sweetness.

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WOW! very complex and perfectly balanced at the same time. Nose, roasted chestnuts, apricot, honey, lightly floral, lilac, slight citrus.
Palate, oranges, apricots, sparkling mineral, violets, rhubarb, bergamot, honey, just wonderful!

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I seemed to be able to do better brewing this one. It is light and delicate, but the flavors are definitely there and it is a fuller less thin tea than the other dancongs that i have tried. Nose and palate are very similar with sweet orange, celery, osmanthus, rose, roasted barley, and delightful peach on the finish. Backward ( the flavor seems to be stronger on the back of the palate ).

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drank ye lai xiang dancong by Verdant
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I have some trouble with dancong teas, they just seem to brew very light and delicate for me compared to other wulongs. If any one has any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong, please let me know. That said, this one is very light, jasmine, rose, roasted barley, pineapple and slightly vegetal.

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