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I’m sending the rest of this to my SororiTEA Sista!
Having my last cup now…
VERY BOLD and slightly smoky but with little aftertaste.

It’s a nice morning cuppa!

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I know nothing about this company and nothing about this tea. It was given to me and if anyone else can shed some light on it I would be grateful.

It’s slightly smoky to sniff and more smoky to taste. It’s fairly strong. No aftertaste. YAY!


I have Keemun Hao Ya A by Harney and Sons and it is smokey and strong, but good if you like that kind of tea! They say it is the tea of choice for the table of the Queen of England! That makes sense since the British usually add sugar and milk. I like Winey Keemun by Grace Rare Teas better, but that is just my personal taste. I want to try Harney’s Keemun Mao Feng next. It is still a strong tea but more delicate and has a different processing than Hao Ya A.


ashmanra: That’s so interesting about the Keemuns! I love keemun after trying A&D’s Jackie Muntz.

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