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drank Organic Rooibos by Vital
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I don’t know how it is for everyone else, but here’s a couple of thoughts on rooibos:
-Unless it’s really, really bad, most rooibos tastes the same.
-Rooibos in bags is a lot more real and fresh tasting than either tea or peppermint in bags
So basically, unless it was awful, I was expecting a fairly run of the mill roobos.
It’s fair to say that’s not far from the truth. It tastes like rooibos should. It’s kinda nutty and I think is best with nothing added.
Some people reading this might think that’s not much of a recommendation, but it is.
Obviously for some, they drink it for the health benefits. Seriously, if you are drinking something you don’t like for the health benefits, switch to something you do like and die quicker, it’s a better option.
Fir me, the great thing about this is it’s something I can travel with, it’s available wherever I am in Australia and it can be relied on to get me through the hours between when the last tea shop closes at night and the first one opens in the morning.
The only certainties in a hotel room are a Gideon s Bible and really bad tea!
This product has been elevated to the status of ‘travelling companion’. Not a bad thing at all.

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