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Okay, so this is the only tea that I’m going to log from my trip. We found a tea stand in the China area in Epcot’s World Showcase. As an adult, the joke among my family is that we’re supposed to “drink around the world” as you go through the world showcase. I had just talked my husband out of trying a flight of tequila in Mexico (there was standing room only and my feet HURT), so we had to start with the alcoholic tea.

The drink was a mango green tea bao bing (which is an asian slushie), and they add plum wine to it. I love mango green tea, I like slushies, and I LOVE plum wine. Sounds like a winner! My husband and I technically split it (because they do wine tasting in Germany and we didn’t want to get too drunk), but I don’t know that he got to drink much of it. I couldn’t stop drinking it.

So, I didn’t really get that earthy green tea taste, but I got a TON of sweet mango and plum taste. I couldn’t taste the alcohol because of the sugar.

Oh boy, though, it was excellent.

I almost bought a Yixing tea pot in China for $90. I’m glad I didn’t, since I found the same set online for $50. Wow, don’t buy teaware in Epcot!

We found another tea stand in Animal Kingdom (in Asia). We bought chai slushies from there (it was hot and we couldn’t stand hot drinks). They were average.


HAH! I tried to drink around the world once. Didn’t get very far. My alcohol tolerance sucks big time.

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