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Back to day 6, which was a fruit-based tea. Evening drinking, basically.

The scent of this one reminded me immediately of David’s Movie Night, but in practice it’s not that good. Sadly, because I adore that stuff.

It’s buttery and there’s lots of toffee, but the apple is lacking. It could stand to be a lot sharper, or even just better defined. There’s a light nuttiness from the macadamia, which is nice.

I enjoyed this one well enough, but it’s on the watery side and not overwhelmingly interesting. At least there’s no hibi!

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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Just noticed I didn’t have this listed in my cupboard nor have we reviewed it. It technically belongs to youngest, as Superanna buys Lapsang all over the place in her travels just to bring home for little sis!

Not to overshadow the tea itself, but these tins are gorgeous. Our first was a small blue tin, and this newest one is a large grey tin – absolutely gorgeous and oh so manly looking, and why not? If a tea can be manly tasting, I would say Lapsang qualifies. Like pipes and Scotch in a gentleman’s study.

Did you know that Patrick Stewart wanted Captain Picard to drink Lapsang and the producers said that no one would know what that was, so they made it Earl Grey instead and now poor Patrick gets scads of Earl Grey from fans, and I bet he would rather have Lapsang?

Moving on…this is stronger in smoke than the parcel of Lapsang from Postcard teas, which is tasty but isn’t smokey enough for youngest. The smoke level is great in this one, but I do wish that perhaps the base could be a little more present. I would definitely buy it again, don’t misunderstand, but this is a common problem with Lapsang. Why cover up an amazing base tea with smoke? But a great base makes a difference. Even Black Dragon from Upton was a little weak in the base for me.

So far my favorite Lapsang ever was the incredibly expensive Wuyi Shan Lapsang from Harney and Sons which ran about twelve dollars an ounce. I would buy it again right now. Lapsang Crocodile from Dammann Freres was awesome, too. And Teavivre and Zen Tea both had great Lapsang teas as well.

This one is very good, though, until that someday when I restock the top shelf stuff.

Terri HarpLady

The only smokey lapsang I have in my collection right now is the one from Teavivre. For me it tends to be more of a fall/winter tea, and I’ll probably add a few new ones before the weather cools down :)
It’s great for making tea eggs too, and I’m going to make some this afternoon, and will probably drink a cup or 2 while I’m at it. Enjoy the day!


Terri: I agree! We love Lapsang in cool or cold weather! We had a little wind (very very little) and rain from the storm that would have been Irma had it organized, and our morning temp was about 68F. That is excitingly chilly for us at this time of year, so we had breakfast together with a candle at the dining table to celebrate the hint of fall in the air. Unfortunately, it is already sweaty hot. Ha!


Intersting factoid about Patrick Stewart!


oooh a ST TNG reference!!! YAAAY!! okay now I have to try lapsang if only because of that fact. (Picard is the best of all captains in Star Trek)

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Another sample (gift) from Steepster ashmanra, my wife and I waited until we had time to try it as a couple.

It’s smokiness is boldly evident in the leaves – dry or steeped. I was warned Lapsang Souchong was an acquired taste, and I have apparently acquired it. The aroma of smoke is forward enough that it masks the flavors that scream to be identified. Cloves, maybe? Cinnamon?

Whatever it is, I like it. My wife’s one word review: “Smoky”. I asked if she wanted more and got another one word response: “yes”.

I think this is something I’d stock for the purpose of sharing or drinking on a cool day. Steeped it twice so far, going significantly longer the second time around. I am going to attempt more…until the leaves give up. It’s that good.

Flavors: Cloves, Smoke

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec
Terri HarpLady

My favorite time for smokey teas is definitely when the weather is cool!

Comm Guy

I had to sit near the AC to try this for now. We’ve got many, many weeks of warm weather left!

Terri HarpLady

Same here, although St. Louis had a slight reprieve this past week, and I’m hoping it will continue, because my garden is calling my name :)


Yay! I am so, so glad you guys liked it! Teavivre has a good one but be aware that they also sell an unsmoked Lapsang, so if you get it from them, make sure you get the smokey. Zen Tea has a good one, and we also like Black Dragon from Upton. I really must order some Baker Street Blend and send you a sample. Okay, I just wed to go ahead and do that now because it has both Lapsang and Darjeeling in it. I think you will both like it!


need to go ahead

Comm Guy

We have plenty of family out your way, Terri HarpLady. Made at least 5 visits in the last couple of years. One was a regrettable trip by motorcycle trip in sweltering August heat. I’ll save that one for Spring or Fall next time.

Terri HarpLady

Hey if any of your fam is looking to buy a bike, mine is for sale! I quit riding a few years ago, due to a hand injury, not motorcycle related, which gratefully doesn’t effect my ability to play music or I’d be screwed, but has effected my ability to squeeze the brake. I also got more involved in permaculture gardening, and sadly, the days when the weather is perfect for gardening are the same days when it’s perfect for riding. I do start her up regularl though, and she, Ruby, is a beauty. 1200 Sportster, 05, Lava Sunglow, with roughly 6000+ miles.

@Ashmanra, Baker Streets sounds tasty!

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Jeremy and Andrea just came back from a trip to London and in thanks for taking care of their cat, brought me back a jar of this fruit tisane. It is delicious. As advertised, it tastes like toffee and apples. I added a spoonful of plain rooibos tea to to this because my wrists have been hurting but I don’t think it impacted the flavor much. A pinch of sugar and some almond milk, and this is like dessert in a cup. YUM.

I just wish it had some cinnamon, because in my mind, apple and cinnamon always go together. I should add a bit next time.

Flavors: Apple, Caramel, Toffee

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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steel mesh Ball infuser and chain. You spoon your tea into one open half of the infuser and close the other half making a ball. Then you put the infuser Ball in the mug or teapot to infuse for 5 mins.

The steel mesh ball and chain comes in two sizes big and small or with a small square on the end of the chain to Hold. After. Use open the mesh ball and tip out the tea leaves.

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