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I am not getting the green tea flavor in this. It is fairly thin-bodied with clove being the predominant flavor. Would likely taste better if sweetened, not my thing.

5 min, 0 sec

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For a box of tea bags that was on sale at Albertsons, and a total impulse buy, it’s really not bad. Doesn’t hold a candle to, say, the pomegranate tea from Whittard of Chelsea, but it’s pretty good, all things considered.

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more

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So I have no idea how long this steeped because I forgot about it and then had to heat it back up in the microwave. But it smells good. Chamomile with a little bit of the promised citrus.

This may be just what the doctor ordered. (Also, is anyone else having trouble with the enter bar? I have to press shift+enter to get a new line now and it’s irritating).

I have what is probably the flu but it’s not affecting my taste buds much I don’t think so I’m still tasting the teas that I have at home. Going to be moving on to the more herbal blends though, don’t want to waste a flavoured black that potentially tastes wonderful when I am feeling miserable.

Tasting this, it is a fairly standard chamomile, with a bit of a citrusy taste, not very strong but definitely there. Tasty, but nothing really special. About what I was expecting.


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Aroma when Dry: floral, apple-y, dusty
After water is first poured: fruity, sweet
At end of steep: slightly floral, citrus hinted at
Tea liquor:
At end of steep: very light brown– green
Staple? No, but would drink and buy again
Time of day preferred: any, medicinal use
first notes: mild camomile, citrus closes
As it cools? notes open, mellow, almost apple- minty qualities
Additives used (milk, honey, sugar etc)? No
Lingers? Moderately, mainly camomile

190 °F / 87 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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on the scale of flavored teas, this is not bad – but as noted in other reviews it is just a fruity flavored tea

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delightful subtle chamomile tea – just what you would expect.

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I don’t know why I bought this. It’s flavored and it’s a bag tea. I must be entering another experimental phase. But that’s nothing to do with the tea. It does smell rather ‘tangy’ but I dunno if it’s actually pomegranate. It has a mildly fruity taste but again, it’s sort of nondescript. It’s not the worst flavored tea I’ve had but it’s certainly not the best, either.

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