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Brought back from Hawaii by my work father’s wife. Thanks, Jennifer!

Setting: October 17, 7:30 pm, dark living room, watching impeachment proceeding news. My girl is purring on my housemate’s lap. RIP Mr. Cummings.

A pot for me and the housemate. I made a pot last night or the night before using 3T to 1L. Twas weak so I upped it to 4T tonight. Better.

Three ingredients, no added flavoring. Natural cocoa aroma and taste from the cocoa shells. Clean, not muddy spearmint lifts it up a little. Decent body which I think is from the Hawaiian herb called mamaki. I can’t taste it though… probably because there isn’t much of it in the package compared to the cocoa shells. The tisane finishes clean with no lingering tastes, just some light cooling from the spearmint. Gets nutty and yammy as it continues to brew and cool while we sip (that’s the mamaki taste finally coming out!).

I have some plain mamaki that I’ve drank and it’s excellent but I haven’t written a review for it yet.

This is a very pleasant and easy to drink cocoa-mint tisane. Nothing terribly interesting but what it does, it does well. Yummy.

Flavors: Cocoa, Nutty, Spearmint, Yams

Boiling 8 min or more 12 tsp 34 OZ / 1000 ML

Steepster won’t let me email you! I mailed your package yesterday and it should get to you Monday!
I think I made a booboo. Your desired tea is in the tin and should be great but after I packed your tea and taped the box and took it out,mI came back in to discover the living room still smelling like Willow from Whispering Pines. It has no doubt scented the remaining teas I sent. Maybe they will air out? But Laponic should be fine in the tin. I didn’t realize Willow was so powerful because honestly I have not smelled it through the packaging here at home.


Ha, no worries and thanks for your generosity! Willow? Candy cap mushrooms <3 I could never be mad at those accidentally scenting some teas.


Good! Hope you enjoy!

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