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So, I drank a little bit while in Vegas – how could I not!?

The most interesting drink I had though was, I think, probably a hard kombucha that we found at the breakfast place we went to the first morning we were there (48th and Crepe). It was a weird experience, firstly, to be ordering crepes in a hotel casino. Then it was even weirder to see them prominently displaying different alcoholic beverages in the front case right alongside the soda…

That’s Vegas though, I guess.

So yeah; I had a drink with my breakfast that morning. It felt so wrong and yet so right. As far as the flavour of the “kombucha” goes; it was a lot less acidic and vinegary that most kombucha I’ve accustomed to drinking but it was equally fizzy/carbonated. Taste wise I really didn’t get the rose, and goji has such a mild flavour in and of itself. Yup, it was almost entirely like having a raspberry kombucha/cider kind of thing.

I did like it a lot though…

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