Willow Fence Tearoom

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Doomur Dullong (or Dullung?)…the name sounds Klingon. And, you know what? This tastes like something Klingons would drink. I mean that in the best possible way. It’s manly, malty, and bitterly rawhide-like on the aftertaste. You can steep the hell out of it, and it can last a good Round #2. Fitting for a tea that I found in Wyoming of all places.

My full account of that adventure can be found here: http://lazyliteratus.teatra.de/2012/09/20/tea-wiles-in-the-wilds-of-wyoming/


Neat post! Suddenly I’m feeling a strong need to travel west…

Geoffrey Norman

Thanks! I didn’t know I had the need until I was there. :)

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