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Also a blind buy which makes me happy.I haven’t had much Yerba Maté,so I may not be very persuasive on it .But I do suggest this as a good choice,since its flavor is mild and neutral(which means it can blended in harmony with any kind of tea I have !) despite its little bitterness .Its tiny powder can easily dissolve in water at any temperature as well,so convenient !

I love some hot Chinese herb tea (or medicinal herbal tea ) provided in some Cantonese restaurants ,while I don’t have a very clear clue on which particular blend is that made of ,plus preparing them is a bit of troublesome .So I’m very lucky to find that this Maté can present some similarities with Chinese herb tea,sharing bitterness(without astringency) and earthy sweetness in common.

For me ,I prefer using some stevia as its sweetening ,for it’s among the few occasions I feel that the sweetness of stevia is not strange at all and that the two are made for each other. Adding some lemon or lime or hisbicus ,the taste gets so refreshing and yummy~! What’s more ,I also consider that it works very well with green tea and other herbal teas,adding some texture to those teas as a good base.

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