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drank 2002 Zinyin by Wistaria
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Slowly getting around to the Pubertea teas and really wish I had more time to drink through them as they all have such depth.

This one brews so easily, with subtle hints of dead fruit lingering on the back of the palate. The color doesn’t darken for a good eight brews and around that time is when the old taste comes off and is replaced by fruit rind that has been sitting around.

Don’t believe I’m picking up any mellow feeling or high energy, but the taste is wonderful. Quite a bit of room for the tea to develop as it doesn’t get bitter. I did a 90 second brew for fun on the 11th steep . The brew came out darker and the taste was a bit more wide ranged throughout the mouth with a semi salt taste to it. Quite pleasant to be honest. I decided to end the last steeps with 2 minute brews because they turn out wonderful.

(this was an extra cake from the Pubertea sold to a few who wanted more tea. The YouLe is a different tea. If I’m correct, this is Nannuo?)


dead fruit?

Liquid Proust

Yeah, like decomposing. Some sourness and funk. Almost as if you had a spoiled piece of fruit but you like it

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