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I had the opportunity to drink this tea for a few weeks without any alternative, but cheap instant coffee. That was quite tough because it really is not good.
I’ve tried reducing the steeping time each day, hoping to reduce the overwhelming bitterness, up to only a few seconds. The taste is then a mixture of bitter and waterish. The smell of the bag before use is really not so nice; the smell of the hot brew not very appealing either. The color quickly turned really dark and did not seem clear, as if it were full of particles in suspension. Looking at the bag, it did not seem there was anything but brownish-black powder in there.
This was probably the worst tea I ever drank; I wondered sometimes if drinking plain hot water would not be preferable.
Drinking this tea reminded me of the chance I have to be able to enjoy much nicer quality teas or even standard Lipton or Twinings.

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