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I just received my first order of Tea Drops.
I rarely put sugar in my tea unless it’s chai. So I ordered the cardamom drops. I can tell there is sugar in it but it’s not overly sweet. And thankfully not an artificial sweetner! So by the recommended suggestion by the founder Sashee Chandran I added a little milk and that helped balance out the sweetness and was a nice calming chai which I quite enjoyed! The box is very cute and I will come up with something to reuse it for. I will reorder Tea Drops are something I would like to keep around. And I loved the hand written card that came with my order by the founder!

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So I received my teadrops and my daughter received hers that I sent as a gift. The packaging was great-comes in a little wooden box that holds 8 individual star shaped teas. She loves tea and loves trying all flavors. She is really on the go (teacher at an outdoor science school so spends her whole day outside) She was thrilled with how easy it was to use and just added it to her go cup along with boiling water. She loved the cardamon flavor and wasn’t put off by the sediments at the bottom of the container. I too, thought the packaging was wonderful. I love cardamon so I enjoyed the tea flavor. I added a splash of milk and a drop of stevia. I used a mug so occasionally stirred my tea and did still end up with some sediments but it doesn’t bother me (I drink french press coffee so am use to sediments on the bottom of my cup). This really does make a nice gift for a tea drinking friend or as a sweet gift to yourself. If you are into the whole tea process and meditative steeping this may not be “your cup of tea” but it is a fun, novel approach to tea.


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