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This is a really good tea that tastes like honey and ginsing with some good tasting black tea with alittle bit of green. To me this is really good the flavors all balance out and or tasty and to me its sweet but not too sweet with the honey and sugar.

I did go to the denist today I got checked out but they wan’t me to see a sedation denist which I am still looking for. So I didn’t get any teeth pulled yet but it still was stressful.

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drank Just Plain Tea by Xing Tea
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I never, ever get canned or bottled iced tea. It always seems like it has lemon and/or sugar in it. This had neither, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Um… no. It doesn’t have lemon or sugar but does have that taste I associate with bottled teas of “been sitting around too long.” Struck out again with premade tea. Guess I’m not terribly surprised. With a choice between water and this, I’ll take water, thanks.

No rating as this is just not my area of experience, desire or anything else. Just a note to self – quit getting tempted. Just because the can or bottle says good things doesn’t mean it lives up to them!

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It’s been a day of running around. One of our last stops was the grocery store, and I picked this up while I was there because I was thirsty. It’s alright. A bit too sweet for my liking. I was encouraged when I saw that it was made with cane sugar and honey but, that didn’t mean that it wouldn’t still be too sweet… and it is.

I taste more peach than green tea. It’s more soda-ish than green tea-ish. Alright, fine for on the go refreshment, but, not something I’d keep stocked in the fridge for everyday enjoyment.

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A review of Green Tea and Ginseng by Xing Tea

I took this with me while attending a country fair in Lancaster, MA the other day. I used my trusty water bottle and filled it with ice and the tea (shaking it very well before pouring into water bottle).

I am always concern about teas that are bottled since they may contain very high amounts of sugar. I am happy to say this was not the case. Tea was lightly sweetened and very pleasant; tasting as if it had lime in it, this was very faintly in the background. I guess I am equating the ginseng with flavoring like lime and it did enhance the green tea.

I enjoyed sipping the tea from my water bottle throughout the day while wandering around. Thanks to the folks at Xing Tea for making such wonderful products. I purchased this tea while grocery shopping at Hannaford Market in Marlborough, MA. Thanks!

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drank Green Tea with Cherry by Xing Tea
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I want to sing “We Are The Champions…My Friends…” twang, twang…

I survived 2 grandsons overnight and slept on my couch fully clothed and not that comfortable. I watched a kid movie and liked it and kept the condo from loading up with discarded cups, plates and boy clothes. We had a grand time.
Ian drew me a picture of the word TEA in big letters with the T filled with tea leaves, the E had a leaf adornment and the A (a) looked like a teapot. Very cute.

After dropping the boys off at home, I stopped at “Sprouts” (natural foods) and picked up this LARGE canned tea from Denver. I was hot and tired and it was cold, inviting and local.

When I got home,the tea was good and cold. I opened the can and poured it into a big glass, threw in a little more ice…drank some and oh what a good cherry tea!

When I was a little girl, the journey from San Jose over the mountain to Santa Cruz Beach with my parents was HOT. No cars had air conditioning unless you were rich. Even then you didn’t turn on the air going up a hill.
We would sit in traffic winding slowly up and over the hills all hot, sweaty, and cranky. It was horrible. When we got to the Summit…we hit a wall of cool ocean air that refreshed us as we descended down towards the beach. Right at the bottom in Scotts Valley there was a series of 10 cent, ‘All You Can Drink’ fruit juice stands with huge crocks of iced juice. Apple juice, Orange, Peach, Apricot, Ciders, Plum, Pear, Grape and Cherry. Yes…Cherry!
Iced and cold Cherry! None of the juices were artificial or sweetened. All were icey cold and all you could drink for a DIME!

Wow, that was good! (I just got carried away with the memory!)
This is my first memory of choosing food or drink and mixing flavors. A foreshadow of things to come.

It’s hard to find cherry anywhere these days and real authentic cherry flavor is rarely done right.

This cherry tea was good. It didn’t have an artificial taste, and no sourness.
Just a really nice Cherry Tea flavor.


Agreed – real cherry flavour is very difficult to find. I was lucky in that in Saskatchewan, they were growing sour cherries at the university, and I was able to get my hands on quite a large amount of them and make some absolutely amazing cherry desserts. Now I’m so spoiled, I hate nearly everything that’s “cherry-flavoured”.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I really don’t ‘get’ artificial flavors. If you’re selling cherry green tea, it should be cherry + green tea…in my opinion. I’ll also never try a cherry flavored anything…I grew up in Michigan and was spoiled with the best cherries on earth :)


Yep. My dad had a cherry tree in Paradise, Ca. It was easy to get delicious cherries in Northern California. It’s just that for some reason, you don’t find them in products like cherry cider and natural juice (except Knudsen which if you’ve ever had their products began in Paradise, California). Even Cherry jam is harder to find.

*Whispering Pines…the Cherry Flavor on this tea ‘IS’ natural!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Well, I guess what I mean is flavors that aren’t what they are specified to be. I feel like a “Green Tea with Cherry” should be naturally flavored with real cherry, not a bunch of natural chemicals that when blended together taste like cherry. Does that make sense? Like — everything I see on a label should be a single product of nature. I can’t go out into the wild and find Natural Cherry Flavoring.


I understand. They take more pains with their tea than most. People in the Denver/Boulder area don’t prefer strange chemicals. That Cherry Cider when I was a kid though…ah…that was the real deal! Ice cold in huge crocks…and we drank out of paper cones. It was amazing.
(about 1953-60)

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Yoo Hoo! Canned Tea!

How low can you go? (get it, CAN…ha ha)

Granddaughter Schey came over and we wandered over to Old Town for
a light dinner at the ‘WAFFLE LAB’.
Oh yes boys and girls, Fort Collins boasts a wonderous black box of a food truck that has the best waffles on the planet! AND, it’s in the parking lot smack dab next to one of the many Breweries our town is know for. (What’s not to like about this scene so far.)

Now Schey is 18 and can’t go to Pub’s unless, she’s sitting outside with Grandma eating WAFFLES! This was lot’s of fun for her. Some young women in platform heels going to a bachelorette party came by for waffles. Lots of good looking young men came by for waffles. A great people watching venue to be sure!

I ordered a chedder, mozzerella, smoked ham with fresh basil maple waffle sandwich. Oh ouch it was soooo good! (no tomatoes, allergic)

Then with it a Super Sized 23.5oz. Green (has Black tea too) naturally Mango Flavored, Pure Cane Juice, Honey and Ginseng TEA. CHILLED! In a CAN!

Uh huh! CAN, CAN, CAN!

Right about then, (as we sat down at the outdoor covered Brewery and Waffle Lab shared lounge) music came on and it was party time. People at the nearby tables were friendly, we met some neighbors…chatted and laughed. This was the best small town Saturday Night magic.

My can of tea was refreshing and light. Yes, I was skeptical about the ginseng and cane juice. Would this be one of those too sweet drinks? Absolutely not! The natural favor was soft and the sweetening just right and not too sugary. The blend of green with black tea gave body to the blend without bitterness.
In all, a very nice CAN of tea!

Perfect with my Waffle Lab dinner.

(Here’s a piece of trivia…Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland is
modeled after College Avenue, Fort Collins…in Old Town.)


What an enjoyable post Bonnie! :))


Thanks Scott!


Waffle Lab! Awesome!


Hehe, now that’s dedication – reviewing canned tea :D


reading about your town is like learning and discovering new places and characters in a novel I’d be slowly reading and enjoying every day…. the city mayor should name you Fort Colins ambassador of the year!


I moved from Silicon Valley 1,000,000 to Fort Collins 150,000 residents. I’ve never lived in a place where shopkeepers know you and people are friendly and helpful. It’s like I’ve been plunked down onto a movie set! (And I Love It!)

Hesper June

Wow, 150,000 still seems a lot to this country bumpkin!
I grew up in the countryside….where everyone knows TOO much about your business…sometimes even before you do:)
But, I know what you mean, its the personal touches that you receive in a smaller community that make everything better.
And I like reading about your town as well, as TeaFairy said, it is like a well written novel!


A few years ago this was at the top of the Best Places To Live list ..Boulder is still the #1 happiest. I got lucky!

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Already prepared, ice cold in a can, absolutely yummy and refreshing.

Iced 0 min, 15 sec

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My brother brought some of these from Arizona for his trip, and I used to drink them. Now in Oregon, we are having a hard time finding them. The taste is wonderful, not too sweet, and the mango taste is great. I had a nice tall can 23.5 FL. OZ. Now that is a can. He was hoping to buy some to leave with, but he couldn’t find any. I’ve been searching and can’t find any online. :(


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Like I said about the raspberry version, this is good for what it is. (Cheap canned tea.) No sour aftertaste and delicious mango flavor. It actually tastes like it has mango juice in it. I like it a lot, and will definitely be buying it again to drink on the road or at work.

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Not a very strong tea taste, but I’m used to that with canned tea drinks. It’s pretty good for what it is. The raspberry flavor is pleasant with the honey and it doesn’t have that sour aftertaste that a lot of canned teas have (*cough*Arizona*cough*). I’d buy it again… it’s nice to have at work since a lot of gas stations carry it.

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