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I thought I had tasted through all the kombucha flavours from this company that were carried by my local grocery store, but I went out for a late night snack run over the weekend and I saw this lemon flavour, which I hadn’t tried before…

I don’t know if I missed it in the past or if it’s new, but damn is it good! First off, this is the best lemon flavoured kombucha that I’ve ever had and it also handidly beats out all the other flavours I’ve had from this company. Secondly, it straight up tastes like Lemon Meringue Pie. Holy shit. It was soooo damn good!

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Picked this up from a Depp on my way home from work – I hadn’t seen this flavour from Y Kombucha available for sale before, and I got excited about the idea of a blueberry kombucha! This company has been so hit or miss though so I wanted to keep my expectations low…

Unfortunately, when I opened the bottle it exploded and more than half the bottle ended exploding all over myself. Thankfully I opened it after getting off the metro while I was walking home, and not on the metro because that would have been VERY messy.

I’m bummed that I lost half the bottle though because I liked this one a lot! It starts off tangy/tart and very “kombucha forward” but then gets nice and sweet and jammy, like a blueberry pie filling, almost!? It’s a really lovely blueberry flavour though and I really like that I get both the tang I want from a kombucha and a nice sweetness. I’d definitely drink this one again.

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Found another flavour offering from Y Kombucha at a local convenience store today on my way to work, and since I hadn’t packed a lunch I thought it was a good opportunity to grab it to add to the rest of what I was nabbing from the convenience store…

This might be my favourite flavour yet – it’s bright and fresh, with juicy mango notes that hit kind of high and lively on the palate. However, despite the sweet and juicy mango notes it has a lightness to it that I didn’t experience with the raspberry. It reminds me a touch of the hops flavour; they have a comparable citrus note to them as well.

I liked this a lot – it was easy to drink, and I felt like the flavour was distinct and well balanced while also still having some of the vinegar-y quality that I want in a kombucha.

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Saw this “out in the wild” while I was shopping and, since I liked the Hops flavour I tried at the tea festival so much, I decided to pick it up and give it a try. However, this whole bottle was filled with so much nope – definitely A LOT nastier than what I sampled at the festival. For starters, I know sediment/some “floaties” are normal in kombucha because of the scoby used to make them but this was straight up chunky. Really, really vile experience texturally as I was drinking, but then to top it up it was just so yeast-y tasting with more of a general tart taste than raspberry.


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Montreal Tea Festival – Tea #20

Last kombucha left to write about from the event! This was a new to me kombucha company, and they seemed to have been sampling their whole flavour assortment but we only tried this flavour because it seemed like the most unique/interesting. It was pretty good; I’d have liked to try and whole bottle and assess my thoughts after an extended taste of it, but as it stands I only got a swallow or so. That swallow was nice though; light(ish) flavour with a surprisingly sweet and fruity note – reminded me a bit of taking a Melon Drop shot? So, melon/orange I guess!?

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