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After a long and stressful day with school and work, I sit down to my accounting homework over this tea. It really has been a stressful day, beginning with finding out I was double-charged for my teavana order, and that several of the items I ordered were not in stock and so I will not get them for a month. (Why did they not tell me this when I ordered? GRRR) …..teavana! Here to hoping it gets worked out soon and I get the $69.97 extra they took out of my account back VERY SOON…..

Ok, so back to this tea. LOVE this tea. I am slightly sad every time I drink this tea, because I know that I am getting low, and once its gone I cant get more. This is probably the best Jasmine I have ever had. I find that it can be hard to find Jasmine tea that is tart but not bitter, floral but not too sweet.

This is exactly what Jasmine should be, and it always brews up right. While I write this review I am drinking up the last of the cup, savoring the complex and deep but slightly floral notes of this tea as they run over my tongue. Great smell, great taste, great everything! Just wish I could get more! Actually I am looking for a replacement for this tea, since I will be out soon and need a great Jasmine green on hand. Any suggestions?
175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 15 sec

Is the charge brand new? It could go away itself within a couple days but if not then I’d call them, and if they still don’t do anything then call your bank.


Too bad it’s gone.


The original charge is old, but there is now another charge that is “pending” that is the same amount as the original. I sent an email out and hopefully they will get back to me soon.


It should go away, keyword should, though if they didn’t come the same day that sounds more like a double charge than just weird bank stuff.

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