Yiwu Manluo Tea Factory (Puerhshop)

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Recent Tasting Notes

This tea had it’s good and it’s bad points. It was slightly bitter at first. A sweet note later on developed. It also had a note I just didn’t like and failed to identify. This note lasted eight or so steeps before disappearing. I think I am feeling some qi off this tea, a mild relaxing qi, not major qi. As this tea was not expensive I am not too disappointed that I really didn’t like it all that much. It did have some good points and someone else might like the note that I did not. It was a note I associate with the bitterness of the tea, it did not seem sour. It had a strong and somewhat bitter aftertaste.

I steeped this tea twelve times in a 120ml gaiwan with 8g leaf and boiling water. I gave it a 10 second rinse. I steeped it for 5 sec, 5 sec, 7 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, 25 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, 1 min, 1.5 min, and 2 min. The tea was not finished at twelve steeps. It would have gone a few more. But I had hit my caffeine limit.

Flavors: Bitter, Sweet

Boiling 8 g 4 OZ / 120 ML

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