Yiwu Mountain Tea

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Some good complexity of taste for such a young raw. Initial few steeps had a bit of a smokiness to it that disappeared later. Overall it was quite sweet with not much bitterness and relatively little astringency. Later, longer steeps were beautifully full-bodied and sweet with strong returning sweetness and pleasant menthol aftertaste.

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Here, have a copy of the notes I took for myself while I was trying my sample of this tea:

1 rinse

10s: Petrichor and gentle bitterness. I can smell honey and light woodsiness but not taste it. Warmth and a bit of roughness in the back of my throat. Immediately relaxing, which I desperately need this morning. Texture is soft.

15s: A bit less bitterness, a bit more woodsiness, otherwise pretty much the same. Oh, and texture is getting less soft and more oily – I’m starting to feel it coat my mouth. There’s not much flavor, it’s just a very calming experience. I think I could fall asleep to this tea pretty happily.

20s: Mostly same but getting sweeter, especially around my teeth afterwards. I shouldn’t have started this one before work, wish I had more time to push it.

25s: My ears just popped. That was weird. Maybe unrelated. Anyways, getting a bit more astringency I think. No, wait, my left ear definitely feels warmer inside. What is going on here.

35s: I think I just hit a floral note? Both my ears now feel like they’re filled with warm liquid, and my mouth is getting a bit fuzzy. It’s naptime, but I’m hella late for work. This is pretty decent tea, and I have erred.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 8 g 5 OZ / 140 ML

that’s funny stuff, about your ears popping during a tasting


Ha, yeah, it’s weird but I get that a lot with tea with lots of energy.

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I don’t typically do this… but… after typing the aged HP from BLT and W2T it’s time to say what is on the tip of my tongue:


If I was to pick up a HP cake, this is it. Hands down.

Liquid Proust

I didn’t look at the price until now… also, it’s not a cake. I just went into my sample. This stuff is rather inexpensive. Time to get more : )


The BLT is pretty nice. Havta try this

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