Yunnan Tai Cha Lmt.

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Drinking this tea now, all in my mind is, oh my goodness, anything is possible in this world! Last year, I tried Zealong, a Taiwan style oolong produced in New Zealand ( My conclusion on Zealong is, if anybody could tell this tea from a high quality high mountain oolong made in Taiwan, that person wouldn’t be me :-p Now I am sipping this Taiwan style oolong made in 2000m mountains of Yunnan, and I am thinking of it again – who could tell this is not from Taiwan? I couldn’t.

Greener style oolong is not my favorite. But a great Taiwan high mountain oolong always makes my heart sing. This tea too, makes my heart sing. It makes me so happy about this sunny afternoon. It makes me so happy about my new egg white little shibo set made by Petr Novak, who has always been great and now is making even smaller teapots!

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