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I guess this is a milestone for me. Three years or so ago who would have known i would have taken a liking to puerh tea. This is tasting note 100 for me. I got this a few years back and have been hesitant to get into it. I find most Xiaguan toucha to have the harshness, tobacco and smoke in the tasting notes. I have been surprised on this one . It still has a small amount of tobacco but the astringency factor is way down. It brews a golden hue with none of the green of a young sheng. It has a citrus lemon note to it. It is a fairly “thick” brew almost coating your tongue and inside cheeks with a touch of dryness. It almost gives some flavor note similar to an oolong with a touch of chrysanthemum. I still think it needs to mature a little bit more to smooth out, but it is on it’s way there. it has turned out to be a nice session. I hope the progression of this continues and in about a year i should re-taste this one.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

HOORAY FOR MRMOPAR! 100 REVIEWS!!!I remember when you didn’t like writing much and now you’re like the Shakespeare of Puerh! (SHAKE-PU).


Thanks Bonnie! One day I will learn to write more. Still hard to explain things but I have been trying!


You’re doing great!


Nice description! I agree about Xiaguan being harsh. I was reading up some articles not too long ago and it appears that even though Xiaguan always had a particular smoke/tobacco recently is stronger.I want to try one of those ‘before the change’ to see if is true and compare, but I haven’t found any reliable source on when it happened exactly. If I do I’ll pass on the info :)

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