drank Coffee Matcha by Matcha Outlet
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Hm, kind of bummed about this one. There is basically no coffee flavor noticeable in this matcha. If I concentrate really hard on it I can just make out a bit of coffee in the aftertaste, but I may just be tricking myself into it. I almost wonder if I got sent a plain matcha by mistake.

I appreciate that RedLeaf offers multiple customization options, but I feel like a few of their base options are much too light. It’s especially a bummer that the next flavor option costs $4 more, while after that it’s only $1. It makes me feel like they should maybe charge a dollar or two more and offer better flavoring in the base options. After all why buy flavored matcha if the flavor isn’t noticeable? I would really love a coffee matcha, but if I order from them again I think I’ll pick the espresso matcha.

I just placed an order with 3 Leaf Tea, so fingers-crossed that their flavors are better. It will be great having another option for flavored matcha.

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