Had this one for a bit. I don’t know too much about oolongs, but I know I like this. Steeped western-style for lack of a pot, for 4-5 minutes, adding about 30 seconds a steep.

The dry leaf is the closest you’ll get to the ‘piney’ flavor they advertise, as there is sort of a resin smell to the neat little balls mixed with what I assume is what people call ‘oolonginess’, a mellow, vegetal scent that I can not find an adequate comparison for. Rinsed in near-boiling water for probably not quite enough time, as the leaves didn’t quite start to unfurl after I drained it. First steep I was afraid I’d scalded it, since it tasted sort of light and was missing that sweet, rough edge I’d tasted previous times. I haven’t had this one in a while due to being away for work, and I was afraid I’d just convinced myself I’d liked this to justify buying it. However, subsequent steeps in slightly cooler water intensified the natural sugariness. I’m on cup 3 now, and it has the sweet, mountain-water flavor I remember, with a faint lingering aftertaste like steamed green beans in the front of my mouth and plenty of the rock candy in the back. Something bracingly unrefined about the flavor that I really like, particularly if I feel sluggish or dull. All about this until someone shows me something better.

If you like oolongs and want to try drinking out of a waterfall, I would absolutely recommend this.

Update: Made some more today. I said the resininess was only in the dry leaf, but today I got a good taste of it in my first cup. Maybe because I washed them properly today? Maybe I used a different temperature of water? I’m not sure.

Other Update: Cold-brewed a glass of it after steeping it twice today, western-style, extra leaf. The result is brilliantly lime green, astringent, a little bitter (but in a way that I like in iced tea) and vaguely reminiscent of honeydew melon. Wouldn’t brew it this way on it’s own, but a good use for well-washed but still useable leaves that you just don’t have time to properly steep.

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