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I’ve been searching for the perfect tea..I do consider taste important however I am in control of that through my steeping..My main concern and desire is to possess a tea which is natural and the healthiest..I’m certainly not looking for a tea to come out of the pot tasting like hot snapple..just something light with a fruity playful bite…“Antioxidant packed” is the feature that is most desirable..and this tea has everything I desire..price is not an issue here..In my lifetime..I’ve spent more for things that are garbage in comparison..I know my worth…My research uncovered the beauty behind this pure rare elixir..this Silver Yin is not exposed to the sun like other teas..and is picked when very young..The younger and smaller the leaves picked, the sweeter the taste and the more sought after the tea…Yin Zhen, is no ordinary white tea…Yin Zhen is made up of only the topmost bud from the youngest part of the plant, from only certain bushes deemed to be of high enough quality….This tea is only allowed by Chinese botanists to be picked on the two days of the year which are deemed to be auspicious enough….the plucking is carried out in the pre dawn darkness while the dew still sits fresh on the unopened buds … the buds are completely unprocessed excepting the air drying process…this results in a tea very light in taste but strong in health benefits…which include lowering cholesterol..blood pressure ..properties that strengthen collagen and elastin in the skin preventing wrinkles.. rheumatoid arthritis..and last but not least aggressively..fighting cancer cells…these benefits have been noted (ScienceDaily (Aug. 14, 2009) …so in essence..there is no logical reason for me to be negative about this wonderful tea..by any stretch of the imagination..its a good thing…and a great drink!…1 tsp/5 min ..×5...don’t boil the water…it will damage the antioxidant properties…use agave or estevia..the body recognizes these as natural sugars and will break them down as opposed to white sugar( stored as fat)…use the infusers!! to get the most from your measure..and also..caffiene is 1%..Enjoy

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