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I feel like this tea has been sitting in my cupboard for ages (because it has). I stocked up bigtime on this one when it was discontinued and then forgotten it in the madness that is my tea cupboard. With the weather cooling down a little, I decided to bring my tin of Poached Pear to keep in my desk at work and boy has this been a good decision! Of the four teas that I keep in my desk, this one is the one I reach for most. I have enough left at this point for about 2 PSs and while I will miss this one and the memories that it brings back, I will be glad to be getting another tin out of my collection and moving a new tin into my desk.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Fruity, Pear, Sweet

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EDIT: I steeped what I had left of this tea last night and stored it in my fridge overnight. This morning I added it to some frozen fruit and made a smoothie and YUMMM!

While at work one day, my mom called me from Davids Tea to inform me that there was a sale. Of course I already knew about the sale, but her phone call was just the encouragement I needed to restock my already-full tea cupboard. She picked up 50g of most of the sale teas and this was one of them.

I finally got around to trying this one today (iced) and I’ve got to say that I was slightly underwhelmed. All I can taste is sweet passion fruit which is disappointing for me because I had high hopes for this tea being more tart with the hibiscus and cranberry flavours listed. I’ll finish up what I have left of this tea but will not be rushing out to buy more before it’s discontinued.

Flavors: Passion Fruit

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