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So I’m almost out of my sample of this tea. I just couldn’t stop drinking it. These leaves are so flavorful you can just keep on re-steeping them and they never get bitter or overly floral.

I really enjoy drinking darker Oolongs (I dont care for the greener ones) any suggestions on which Oolong I should try next?

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So I didn’t think that this would be my cup of tea, and it REALLY wasn’t.
This tea is dark, smokey, and horsey. I couldn’t drink it and didn’t want to smell it.
Point of reference: I literally cant swallow lapsang souchong. But my Uncle loves that tea and really enjoyed this one as well, I’ll just steer clear from now on.

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I bought this tea sample on impulse.

This is a very light VERY floral Oolong. I have had greenish Oolongs before, and they just really aren’t my thing at all.

Objectively speaking, if you like green Oolongs, I think your will like this. The tea in this teabag is high-quality full leaf tea. Strong aroma, light, subtly sweet, FLORAL, and not at all bitter.
I just cant get myself to like this type of tea. I find them so floral that they verge on soapy – kind of like biting into a cardamom pod – too much of a good thing.

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I was surprised to discover that I hadn’t already rated this lovely Ceylon so here it goes:

In my book, this is the archetype of a high quality Ceylon.

You get what you see: the hand rolled leaves you see in the image are exactly what you get, once steeped they unfurl and give off that wonderful earthy-Ceylon smell. None of that menthol aroma on these tea leaves.

This tea has both earthy and floral notes, and its a lovely amber color. As the tea cools the earthiness becomes more predominant. When piping hot – my favorite way to drink tea – the steam an floral aroma mix and its not so bad to be awake in the early morning. The smooth floral flavor has an elusive hint of fruit that I just cant put my finger on.

This also makes a delicious iced tea with or without lemon.

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Yesterday when at Radiance I bought some sample sized packages of teabags. One of them was their Oriental Beauty.

This tea was wonderful. It has a sweet honey aroma. It’s smooth, milky, and buttery in your mouth with just a hint of fruit as you swallow. Really yum.
The second brewing was just as good as the first – I steeped for about three minutes each time – there was no bitterness in the second steep.

ALSO, the tea in the teabags is high quality, no tea dust.

3 min, 0 sec

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This tea was ok. I found the tangerine overpowered the white tea.It was also on the sweet side for my taste. I like teas that have a hint of sweetness, but the tangerine was too sweet.

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I’m on my second pot of this tea today. What I love about this tea is that it is very hard to over brew it. You can be completely distracted and come back after ten minutes of steeping (my book is very interesting) and this oolong isn’t bitter.


Wish I still had some of the orange blossom oolong left. I’m drinking a really bad Ceylon at the moment.


I’m running low. I dont know what I’m going to do when I run out.


I might know where you can get some. :P

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