Crunchy leaves as I shake into the tea strainer. Brittle and breaking as I help the leaves in. A quick rinse with 175 degree water. The leaves soften up a bit and become very dark. The aroma of fresh grass being cut from across the park begins to gently fill my nose. I fill the mug full of water and wait, as the leaves softly float to the top, beginning to spread open. I pick up the needy cat between my legs and give him a few scratches and head nuzzles. I walk into the office and turn on the computer, setting down my phone to signal my end destination. A quick pee break and back to the tea. How long has it been sitting here? 2 minutes maybe. I pick up the strainer and look at the color of the water and decide it hasn’t been long enough. 30 more seconds. My daughter is asleep in the bedroom, I have only a couple more moments left before she’ll wake. She’s on the last leg of her slumber and I’m starting to get restless in my wait.

I place the strainer aside while taking a huge whiff of the steam. It smells like a subtle green tea, no offensive aromas off the bat. I inspect the water color, it’s light, very light. I take a sip and walk into the office, sitting down at the computer. Now what do I prioritize first during this delicate chunk of free time?

The tea is as it smells and looks, light. Subtle smells, subtle looks and subtle tastes. No bitterness or offensive tastes. Just a smooth light, hint of metallic taste (probably from the strainer) and notes of soft fresh cut grass out of the lawnmower bag. I keep sipping, wanting more flavor to come fourth. It doesn’t, it stays beneath it’s lightness, like a feather dancing in a gentle breeze. I don’t think it’s one to shout about, perhaps a whisper goes well with this one. A whisper of gratitude and peacefulness. Namaste.

Flavors: Freshly Cut Grass

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I have bounced between tea and coffee for years now. When I’m involved with one, I dive into the flavors and am constantly on the hunt for the smoothest brew. My first real love affair with tea was the traditional english way. In my mid 20s I dove head first into Greens and Oolongs and Pu-erhs. My most recent loves are Blacks, mainly because I’m trying to kick a coffee habit that snuck up on me. Having a kid did that to me. Moving forward I’m looking to rekindle my love for tea and save coffee for the occasional cup.


San Francisco, CA



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