58 Tasting Notes

drank Four Seasons by Samovar
58 tasting notes

One of my favorite Oolongs from Samovar. Brandon made this for me this morning, it was the last of our stash. Very full bodied tea, floral nose with a buttery finish on the tongue. 2 pots of this helped put that extra step in me this morning. I wish I could drink this tea everyday without going broke.

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This was bought at a Silk Road tea tasting in Marin. At the tasting this tea was great! He demonstrated a very short steep on this one. About 10-15 seconds. Got home, and of course I can’t get it to steep perfect again. I steeped this for about 40 seconds today. It’s a light green tea with smaller leaves so the crumbs sit in my glass, which I like a lot. Not the best green, but it’s pretty good.

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Was in a hurry this morning, so I decided to throw a few teabags of mate in the to go mug. Green tea never tastes good in the mug, so this is just to get me started before I get to work and can have a proper cup of tea. Mate gives me wings.

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Very mild. I brewed this round for about a minute. I think next steep will be a couple minutes. Nice roasted flavors and rice aromas.

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Subtle grassiness. Cough syrupiness. Medium green in color. Not much on the nose. It’s an ok tea to slurp in the afternoon as a little pick-me upper.

I steep this between 20-30 seconds in low temp water. 3-4 minutes below boiling.

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drank Masala Chai by Samovar
58 tasting notes

I like to make this as a latte with SOY milk. I know some might argue it doesn’t bring out the same flavors as dairy milk because soy doesn’t have the same fat content that the spices like to cling to. The first time I had this was at Samovar and it was noticeably made with cows milk. I much prefer it made with soy. It’s better for you that way too.

2 cups boiling water.
2 small tbs of RAW cane sugar
dissolve together
2 large tbs of Masala Chai
simmer for just under 10 minutes
turn up the heat
add just under 2 cups of organic plain soy milk.
Bring to a boil until it starts to foam.
Shut the hit off and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
I like to strain it into a pitcher and drink it all day long.

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Great bedtime tea. Soothing, tasty, and just an all around feel good tea. Steeped with boiling water 5-6 minutes.

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I enjoy the aroma more than the taste on this one. Pretty golden color. Steeped for 40 seconds just below boiling.

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I have bounced between tea and coffee for years now. When I’m involved with one, I dive into the flavors and am constantly on the hunt for the smoothest brew. My first real love affair with tea was the traditional english way. In my mid 20s I dove head first into Greens and Oolongs and Pu-erhs. My most recent loves are Blacks, mainly because I’m trying to kick a coffee habit that snuck up on me. Having a kid did that to me. Moving forward I’m looking to rekindle my love for tea and save coffee for the occasional cup.


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