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partea said

not sure if this will work, just googled ‘free tea samples’ and this seemed to be one of the only legit ones that popped up.

I gave it a try. I’ll let you know when/if and what/if anything arrives. :)

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I do a weekly free tea drawing! Just enter each week and you’ve got pretty good chances of winning :)

I’m getting an average of only about 20 entries a week – so the chances really are quite high!

Lynxiebrat said

How come you only have a few teas up for the free sample? You might get more people interested in entering the contest if you had more listed. Though….have to admit the odds in winning now are better. LOL

There’s a lot of teas that I can’t afford to give an ounce a week away. I do plan on adding a few more after I do inventory tomorrow, though!

Lynxiebrat said

Ahh. I should of thought of that….Sorry.

looseTman said

Thank you for your weekly free sample drawing! I just entered. Your drawing sounds like a good way to attract new customers.

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Is the Whispering pine draw available to Canadian residents as well?

Looks like it, but you have to pay for shipping :)

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Bigelow, their choice, while they last.

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Any recent free samples? All the links are 3 years old. Some are dead, others aren’t giving samples. I’m just a poor college student wanting some free tea. I’m a mooch.

You might get some hits now that the thread is bumped to the top of the forum :)

I’m a big fan of Verdant Tea, and they’re offering a free trial of their Tea of the Month Club now. You don’t choose what you get, but it’s three 7g samples, free.

Uniquity said has a free tea tasting setup on their site.

Violet said

I appreciate that you are a poor college student, because I am too, and I’m glad I’m not alone!

Is the free tasting thing still available on I didn’t see anything…

Uniquity said

Try this:
I was actually just contacted by Angel with an offer of more samples from the new season, so they are definitely still doing it!

If we don’t have a tea blog, can we link to our steepster page? Any idea?

Uniquity said

That is what I have used, and many others on here as well.

It worked! My samples are on their way!

Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea
Strawberry Oolong Tea
Ripened Aged Pu-erh Mini Tuocha
Ripened Aged Loose Pu-erh Tea
Waterlilies Fruit Tea

I got some of samples from Teavivre too. After I won oolong from them.

ifjuly said

That Teavivre Milk Oolong is delicious.

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darky said

try bluebird tea company’s post a bit above here, only need to pay shipping cost

Login or sign up to post a message. Technically it isn’t free because you have to pay $3 (including shipping) BUT it comes with a $3 coupon to use on your next purchase so it might as well be! Really great tea, too!

I loved Den’s Tea’s sampler! I’m not even a big fan of Japanese greens, but I learned that partly from trying all of the quality teas they sent me and finding that they were good but not for me :)

I loved it too! But it made me fall in love with Japanese greens :D

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There’s this “Super Sample Promotion” going on right now, just pay for shipping. I can confirm its legitimacy

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Resurrecting this thread for a second. I just found a new site called TeaMonger, and they’re offering three free samples, no strings attached. Just placed my own order, so we’ll see how it goes, but here’s a link for those willing to give it a shot:

Whoa, all of those teas sound amazing. I wonder why they aren’t on steepster….

Tabby said

This seems too good to be true – but maybe they’re just new? I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. I picked their Earl Grey, Warrior Chai, and Mint Dream!

Sounds interesting. I picked one black, a rooibos, and a mate.

pyarkaaloo said

thanks so much for letting us know!! i placed my order :) Mocaccino Might, Marzipan Dream & Warrior Chai. let’s hope they deliver!

Trying this out too—Marzipan Dream, Hot Chocolate 2.0, and their Earl Grey. We’ll see what happens!

Just placed my order for pineapple tickle roobios, green mango, and warrior chai. Looking forward to finally receiving them. They’re tea bags but it’s free, so there is no room for selfishness!!

Did anyone get their samples yet?

SarsyPie said

I requested samples about a month and a half ago, but never heard anything. I’m also interested to see if anyone else got something.

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I live in Canada, and yet again, get shafted because I’m living a few miles north of the border..

Sil select said

There are companies that offer free shipping on samples to Canada, or limited postage…and often if you contact the company they’re happy to send samples to canada if you give them 1-3$ for shipping…which is super cheap.

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